Ammachi Kottaram

Ammachi Kottaram was constructed by Travancore Maharaja, Moolam Thirunal, sometime in the 19th-century. Nestled in the cool tea and coffee growing highlands, it was mainly used as a royal retreat for the wife of the Maharaja. Travancore royal titles were passed matrilineally, so brother and sister ruled as the Maharaja and Maharani. The Maharaja’s wife was thus given the title of consort rather than queen. It’s believed that Thirunal constructed Ammachi Kottaram for his wife, although the exact history behind its construction remains murky.

Thrisangu Haven Hill Resort, a prestigious 3-star Eco-friendly family resort, set in the high altitude (3750ft), cool virgin land in Kuttikkanam (Idukki), amidst mist laden hills and spice scented air, a virgin land on the slopes of Western Ghats.
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