Spread across 777sq.kms of dense evergreen forests, the tiger reserve of periyar Wild Life sanctuary is noted for its geomorphology, diversity of wildlife and scenic beauty. It is one of the few places where elephants can be sighted at close range . .


A trekkers paradise'. The winding roads, the steep valley and the greenery all around give it eternal charm. The dairy farm managed by the Kurisumala monks and the Indo Swiss cattle projects are worth a visit.


Gavi is the place With more than 260 species of birds, Gavi is a haven for birdwatchers. En route are the Pamba Reservoir and a large tract of reserve forests, so chances of wildlife encounters with endangered species like the Nilgiri tahr and lion tailed macaque are big. Developed into an exclusive ecotourism project, Gavi is listed as one of the must-see places in India. Active involvement of tribals makes Gavi one of its kind in the country.


Also known as Grampi or Eagle Rock, Parunthumpara offers a panoramic view of the entire Peermade region.Nature has bestowed, perhaps all her stunning beauty on kuttikkanam -a land even unto this day not fully explored. In and around kuttikkanam, there are numerous bewitching tourist spots, which can match the wildest fantasies of the beauty seeking nature lover and here are some of them.


The highest peak in kuttikkanam the AmritaMedu is an ideal trekking spot. The surrounding hills of the Amrita Medu called kokkad hills is the place where one feels lulled by the soft gentle cadence of the breeze and chirping of crickets.


A natural pond at the foot of an enchanting waterfall encircled by deep woods on all sides.Pattumala or the hills draped in silk, homes a lot of brooks and unending expanse of lush green tea plantation.


The cool spray of this waterfalls is sure to be a thrilling experience. A hot coffee or tea from the nearby stall will add spice to this stop over.


The vast expanse of tea and coffee plantations interlaced with small streams pen grasslands and winding lanes filled with heady fragrance of fresh tea and coffee flowers are typical to this place.